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5x7 Trading Card style photo

Contact us and we will create a 5x7 action photo trading card from any photo contained in our galleries. We will notify you when your project is completed and you can purchase it directly through SmugMug in print or digital format.

Print    $15.00

Digital $25.00

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16x20 Action Poster

We will create a 16x20 action poster containing a feature image along with three smaller action shots, a player name, number, team and team logo. You will be notified via email when your project is completed and it will be available for purchase here on SmugMug in a 16x20 print that can be shipped directly to you.


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7x5 Mini Poster

Our Custom 7x5 Mini-poster that features your athlete in pop-out fashion.  All the graphics contained in the trading card design are incorporated in this combination black & white and color keepsake. Just kike our trading card version you will be notified when your poster is complete and you can purchase it directly through SmugMug in prints or digital.

5x7 print   $15.00

Digital        $25.00

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Bookmark / Bag Tag

Looks like a Pro Sports season ticket complete with price, seat number section, row and even a bar code. We can include your team logo and of course the players name. The 2-1/2 x 8" tickets come laminated (5 mil) in a set of 5, cut and ready for use. Keep them all to yourself or great as gifts to relatives.

This item is sent directly to you from our offices and our price includes shipping!

Set of 5

$30.00 (includes shipping)

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